Guillaume-en-Égypt et Whisky-à-Hong Kong.

Pauvre Whisky…


4 thoughts on “Guillaume-en-Égypt et Whisky-à-Hong Kong.

  1. Photo with the very same ‘masque de chat’ is sitting in my document. S. took it at the screening of ‘Chats Perches’. Gather you were there too?

  2. Orang Kampung!It was the spirit of the Chat Jaune. From Paris, it went to Sarajevo, other parts of Europe and then to Hong Kong. There was < HREF="" REL="nofollow">a big Chat outside the Hong Kong Arts Centre<>, just the way it appeared on the piazza of Centre Pompidou.And now it appears in a lot of people’s home, and reluctantly, with Whisky too.Have been wondering who S. is?


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