Not Yet Three Sixty

We went to ThreeSixty, a newly opened lifestyle supermarket in Landmark selling organic and fair trade products. On the upper level of the two-storey store is a food court housing different familar brands including HealthWorks, Wildfire, XTC etc. After a quick tour, we decided to want Japanese food.

Set in a food court, the price at Dozo! is not of food-court grade. There is 10% service charge and tea per head is $5. We had two hand rolls – uni and negi toro. My friend said uni was quite good, but I hardly found any negi inside my roll.

We also ordered a sushi sampler – $78 for 4 pieces, which kept us waiting for an unbelievably long time. We chased twice, and we were given a riduculous reason – ‘the chefs are making a master piece and it takes time for them to make such complicated piece of art’. And such not very reasonable reason was repeated thrice.

And finally came the ‘state-of-the-art’ sushi sampler. We were told that it was the first time they served it. Should we feel honoured to be the first customers to try this? Can you imagine what it’s like when you put the seared but cooled down scallop and fish into your mouth?

We dared not try any further food. Instead we ordered a thin crust pizza from Wild Fire and a chicken salad from another stall. We knew that it’s not allowed to have other food at Dozo!, but having the urge to fill our half empty stomach, we just couldn’t leave behind our $5 green tea which we had only two sips.

Full at stomach but hungry at heart, we hanged around the lower storey. A lady standing by the personal care counter talked to us. I thought she was awaiting us to tell her our wonderful experience at the store, as she appeared quite surprised to see the grumpy us. She asked us to try the mongolian beef next time which she found fantastic.

When we were about to leave the store, we were stopped by a man. My immediate thought was, ‘oh no, can ThreeSixty please leave me alone! I didn’t steal anything!’ Obviously, the lady has brought our story to this gentleman before us, who happened to be the General Manager of ThreeSixty, and he wanted to do something about it and hoped Dozo! to improve.

Here thus comes this short review in English, just in case Mr. Simon reads it. I’m not sure if we are able to spend the two coupons you kindly offered us, as we don’t want the Dozo! chefs to jump on us!


對「Not Yet Three Sixty」的一則回應

  1. Concerning the quality of service they deliver and the food-court environment, it’s expensive. With the same price range, I can happily enjoy my dinner at Sen-ryo, which is stone’s throw away.


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