My Green Brain

Thank you Green Rabbit. But I never knew that my brain instead of yours is green. Mmm… perhaps I don’t get to know myself well enough.

Your Brain is Green

Of all the brain types, yours has the most balance.
You are able to see all sides to most problems and are a good problem solver.
You need time to work out your thoughts, but you don’t get stuck in bad thinking patterns.
You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the future, philosophy, and relationships (both personal and intellectual).


對「My Green Brain」的一則回應

  1. hor hor i got my unexpected red too *.^maybe after all, we need to “re-learn" ourselves from time to time.

  2. Your Brain is Orange Of all the brain types, yours is the quickest.You are usually thinking a mile a minute, and you could be thinking about anything at all.Your thoughts are often scattered and random – but they’re also a lot of fun!You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about esoteric subjects, the meaning of life, and pop culture. that’s me….. MADLO hehehehe

  3. green rabbit, a green brain matches the colour tone of my blog though.Madlo, I thought you spend a lot more time on thinking about the gastronomic subjects, the meaning of truffle honey, and gourmet culture…


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