The Myth of Sysiphus



其實我跟Whisky沒有分別,每天重複做著相同的動作:到美心買麵包、開電腦、斟水、登入電腦、登入Outlook、登入Yahoo Mail、登入MSN、到自己的monologue留言、登入Google Reader,ritual最後的一步是看看公司有什麼電郵,每天的步驟有條不紊,日日如是。



對「The Myth of Sysiphus」的一則回應

  1. The reason why Sysiphus keeps doing it is because he always finds the sweetest moment when he walks downhill peacefully before picking up the stone again.

  2. Is this positive or creative as Camus?I think this is simply inevitable fate, but it doesn’t contradict your view as we can still find sweetness out of bitterness.Just that I find my fleeting sweet moments shorter and shorter…

  3. O, those are signs of… aging… but nevermind nevermind… after a certain threshold, it’ll all be different. Trust me on this!

  4. Threshold = menopause???What are the differences? Rolling the stone on another hill? Rolling a new stone on the same hill? Or same thing same place with a different attitude? (Or becoming neo-Rolling Stone and have tix all sold out…)Something should be done to change the fate.

  5. Yes, same stone and same place but an attitude change. That’s all maturity is about. And small change can make a surprising difference. Just like cooking!

  6. Tried (am I beyond the menopause already?) but didn’t work. I am urged to find another hill AND another stone.Bloggers of < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Andy’s Diary<> and < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Letters to the City<> have both deserted their hills after 12 years of rolling. Though I have rolled mine for only one-sixth of their time. I may continuing rolling here for another two years or four years, I don’t know.

  7. Hmm… I always think i’ve been tossed by some unknown forces to this football pitch.. to play a ball game that I didn’t choose to…But since I’m here, I may just, well, play it hard and enjoy while it lasts. When somebody passes me the ball, I have the choice to either kick it hard myself or pass it to somebody else… as simple as that.And slowly I began to love this sport :pTry a little harder, my friend!

  8. I’m not the sloppy kind. The game has been, and will be, going on well.But I am going to a fortune teller to see whether it’s a good time to find another hill this year! 😛


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