When time is a non-issue.

So bored.

Time is a non-issue here. I sent some documents for approval two weeks ago. I wouldn’t have remembered it if I didn’t take a look at my task list. And the approver wouldn’t have remembered it if I didn’t send him a reminder. It seems things can be left just there, hanging there. Nobody cares.

Each month, we circulate a communiqué. Sometimes I draft something for my boss, but most of the time, he writes up his own bit as there is little about what he’s doing that I know of. Each month, we insert new updates to last month’s report. One time he mistook that I had written for him. It’s in fact the same old piece of write-up from the previous month. Without anybody knowing it, it was circulated. Nobody noticed the paragraphs were the same. People are so used to small or no progress here.

Nothing is pressing in a void.

Time is a non-issue.

Yet my lines grow.




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